Monday, August 15, 2011


IMAG0020, originally uploaded by Camping Jason.

So I picked this sock back up after it lying dormant for over a year after finally finishing off my pair of green socks. I initially started to knit the established pattern, but quickly realized all the reasons I put it down in the first place: dark yarn, small stitches and mock cables were not making for a very enjoyable knit.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and simply continue on with a 4x2 ribbing pattern. (The switch happens about halfway up the leg, so not a normal starting position for the ribbing at the top of a sock.) I really like how it's turning out, both the fabric of the sock and how the yarn is pooling. I told myself that I wouldn't care about where the ribbing started and that I'd even knit the second sock in all 4x2 ribbing and not care that they will be fraternal twins.

I like the pattern I'm knitting now so much that I'm wondering if I should rip out the mock cables and make a pair of socks that I'll really like instead of a pair I'll just tolerate. The problem is I know that if I rip this sock out, there's a very slim chance that I'll actually restart it instead of knitting some other more fascinating project. However, I do hold the slim hope that if I finish this sock as is, then knit the second how I now want to, that it may give me the push to "fix" the first sock.

So what do I do?
A) Continue knitting sock #1 as is, knit sock #2 in 4x2 rib and hope it inspires me to reknit #1?
B) Frog sock #1 immediately and try to restart in 4x2 rib knowing that I may abandon the project completely?


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