Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I may have a problem

Last night my wife and I decided to go grocery shopping since there was nothing good on TV. We grabbed some quick eats and then proceeded to make a shopping list. We find we eat better when we plan out 3-4 home-cooked meals per week. I hopped onto the computer to check my email and messages on Ravelry (I'm waiting to complete a de-stash) while my wife worked on the list. When I finished, I came back into the living room and proceeded to get EXTREMELY antsy/fidgety/anxious.

I recently started a new pair of socks (more on those later) and I really wanted to get cracking on them. I had finished the foot of one and I wanted to start the other while I still remembered how I started it. (I'm trying some new techniques.) But, I didn't want to just pick up and start knitting only to have my lovely, wonderful wife say, "ok, let's go" and have to put it down, or have her wait, thinking I wasn't ready to leave. So I left it alone. But we (WE, both of us, not my wife :) ) were taking waaaay toooo looooong. I felt my heart racing and I really could not sit still, I wanted to GET GOING so I could get back and start knitting.

Once we got out of the house (and away from the knitting!) I felt much better. I really surprised myself though, I really felt like I was freaking out. I guess I'm just excited to be casting on new items and trying new techniques.

The two Mountain Dew's I had with dinner may have had something to do with it too...

About those projects...I've started three new projects in the last week...but you'll have to wait to hear about them until I can take some pictures. Sorry, blame the weather :-P


micah said...

see man, you're not looking at this right. You offer to push the cart, and happen to have your matchel stashed in the upper basket, that way you can walk aroung and knit while whe throws stuff in the basket. Just don't complain when you don't like what's on the table.

Larjmarj said...

The knitting DT's? LOL...I totally understand. This is what happens to me when I get stuck waiting in line or for an appointment and haven't had the foresight to bring my sock bag.

brandilion said...

I have a problem too. I don't go anywhere without my knitting. I had some project drama the other day that is probably the sign of a problem. It's on my blog. I won't spoil it for you.

Merrie Cuylter said...

I'm in the midst of a major quilting project now. It's hard to throw that in the cart with the sewing machine and discretely sew the layers together. Besides, the extension cord gets tangled in the wheels of the cart. I guess I need to make a satchel and bring some knitting with me!

Charles said...

Hey Jason~~

I just want to say have a great Merry Christmas!

Great Wishes and Hopes...



Felicia said...

Merry Christmas :)

Charles said...


I hope your having a great time on your NEW YEARS day!
Hope eveythings goes will and big luck wish your best~~

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