Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And So It Begins

Sweater begins

Having ripped out 6 rows worth of knitting after starting with a twisted cast on, I've got a good two inches done on the body of my sweater. I'm trying to keep my arms and hands loose with lots of stretching, so hopefully I don't go down with another injury on this one. I'm glad I started before the Thanksgiving break; I should have a lot of time this weekend to knit.

P.S. Good on ya for following my train of thought on having my arms fall off whilst knitting this sweater. I'm starting with the body in case I run out of yarn too so I can just make a vest.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Swatch Watch

I'm nearly done with crocheting squares and good thing too. I'm getting a tad sick of making them. If I can get to 120, I'll start sewing together a 10x12 afghan. But enough about that.

Sweater Swatch

For quite a while now, I've wanted a dark brown sweater with cables. Why? Because I saw a friend wear one and thought, hey that looks nice, I'd like one. I bought the yarn with my birthday money and it's sat around quite long enough. I'd like to think I can finish this in time to wear it for Christmas Eve, but my arms may just fall off. We shall see.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Crochet Square Mosaic
Kinda looks like the Brady Bunch on fibery steroids, eh?

I came across this pattern on Ravelry after one of my friends faved someone else's project that really was pretty sweet. At the same time, I was asked to make another charity square and, since I vastly prefer to crochet squares than knit them, thought I would try the pattern out. I found it to be so simple and easy, that I figured it would be a good pattern to use up the acrylic I'd collected over the years. It's burning through the stash quite nicely and, though I won't buy any yarn for this project, I have gotten some donated from my mom who also wanted to stash bust. The squares are so addictive, I haven't been able to stop or work on anything else since I started. They're a great cure for startitis.

Pictured above are the first 25 squares I made and I'm probably up to around 60 now. I don't know how large of a blanket I'll end up making, but I'll keep going until I've exhausted as much of my stash as possible. I  have four requirements for color combos in this blanket: 1. squares must have a lighter color on the inside, 2. no repeat squares (very similar combos with different shades are acceptable), 3. there are a few color combinations I just won't do, e.g. red & green (Xmas), green & white (MSU), bright pink & turquoise, etc., 4. don't trim every color in black or make a white center with every color trim.