Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For the Birds

Angry Cardinal

I'm exhausted from lack of sleep, so I'm not feeling terribly creative with the words today. I was able to knock this guy out over the weekend though. Which may have started an obsession with knitting all of the Angry Birds patterns and amigurumi in general. I envision live action Angry Birds. Unfortunately, with my self-imposed embargo on yarn purchases for 2011, I'm going to have to scavenge for the proper colored acrylic yarn.

One last things before I collapse into a coma at my desk: This little guy is weighted down with a custom made bean bag. Those are real beans in there.

Bean Bag

If you're interested in materials, the fabric was left over from our bedroom curtains and is stitched together with an oddment of *gasp* Wollmeise. The beans are red. I may have overestimated the weight as the bird acts like a freaking Weeble. I fear for anyone that crosses its angry flight path.

P.S. If anyone has any Red Heart yarn they're looking to get rid of, I could use some in the following colors: Bright Yellow #0324, Spring Green #672, Delft Blue #0885