Friday, February 26, 2010

One down...

One down..., originally uploaded by Camping Jason.

Finished sock #1 this afternoon while I watched the US men's hockey team paste Finland 6-0 and move on to the gold medal game. I cast on for the second right away. I ended up with less than a yard of yarn left. I had to join the leftover from my cast on to the end of the skein to finish the last two rows.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ravelympic progress

Ravelympic progress, originally uploaded by Camping Jason.

This is where I'm at after the first 10 days of competition. I cast on in the dark of a car on the way to Chicago. I didn't knit much on the trip, but got a lot done traveling back home. I knit most of the heel flap today at lunch, and I have to work way late tonight, so I should be able to turn the heel and start the gusset tonight. I've now got 6 days to knit 1 1/2 socks. It's going to be tight to finish on time.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

FO: Pembroke Vest

Pembroke Vest

Pattern: Pembroke Vest
Source: Petite Purls, Issue 1 Summer 2009
Yarn: Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shephard's Wool - Lime
Needle: Knit Picks Options, size 6 & 8
Started: September 16, 2009
Finished: late September 2009
Ravel It!

Although published through an online magazine, this is another Through the Loops design I fell in love with. When I originally bought this yarn, I had no idea what it would become. I just picked it up because it was local, totally soft and a nice color. With nothing on the needles this fall, I came across this adorable little vest in my Ravelry queue and knew I had found the perfect match.

Campfire knittingI started knitting the vest on a trip up north to go camping in September. It was relaxing and gratifying to knit outside by the campfire. Luckily nothing ended up smelling to strongly of smoke.

The pattern is written for several different sizes, I knit the 12 month old size because I figured that was how much yarn I had. I ended up with only a few grams left over. The smaller sizes have a buttoned shoulder for easier dressing of the little ones. Now I just need to find a little one to fit inside!

The yarn is very soft, and not washable, so I don't know how well it will hold up to kiddo wear and tear. I couldn't resist though. It was the perfect pattern to use up a wonderful yarn.

Monday, February 15, 2010

FO: Habitat


Pattern: Habitat
Source: brooklyn tweed
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Lettuce
Needle: Knit Picks Options, size 7 & 8
Started: January 1, 2010
Finished: January 31, 2010
Ravel It!

HabitatIf my claim to a Gordie Howe hat trick is to have a leg to stand on, this hat is essential. It ended up being my fight. I pretty much knit the hat twice. The first time through, I didn't knit the ribbing tall enough for my liking. It didn't quite cover my ears, which by now you should know is very important. I let it sit for awhile, like to two hockey fighters circling each other on the ice shift after shift. Finally, I dropped the gloves and frogged the darn thing.

On the second go-round, I got the ribbing long enough, but the cable chart gave me fits. I think I took it for granted because I had knit it once already. Also, I was probably more distracted the second time, since I originally started knitting during Christmas/New Year's break.

I finally finished the hat on the last day of the month only to realize that for as beautiful a hat it is with all the gorgeous cables, half the hat is ribbing! Ugh! At this point I'm calling it done, with a chance of being reknit later on.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

FO: Blue Aran Toque

Blue Aran Toque

Pattern: Irish Moss Toque
Yarn: Cascade 220, Blue Velvet
Needle: Knit Picks Options, size 6 & 7
Started: January 12, 2010
Finished: January 18, 2010
Mods: Knit the brim extra long, changed cable crosses
Ravel It!

This was the third hat I knit for the 2010 Hat Trick. I love cables and really fell in love with the design when I saw it on Ravelry. I also liked the idea of folded brim as I sometimes have trouble getting hats just the right length. They either don't cover my ears or slip down and cover my eyes. I haven't worn this one out yet, but I think it'll avoid those problems.

The blue yarn really makes the cables and seed stitch pop, which I totally love. What I wasn't totally excited about were the decreases. They're not evenly spaced over the pattern, so they almost formed corners on the hat where they began. Blocking helped as does actually wearing the hat. The yarn stretches to fit my head and the 'corners' go away.

I made two modifications to the pattern. First, I knit the ribbing deeper than called for since I need to lengthen most hat patterns anyway. Even though the brim is folded - and therefore longer than normal - I didn't want to end up with a really small fold. Second, I changed the way the large cable crossed on row 1 and row 13. It just made more sense in my brain that way, it makes the cable look more 'woven' which is what I like.

Monday, February 8, 2010

FO: Swatch Cap

Swatch Cap

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman's swatch cap
Source: Knitting Workshop
Yarn: Bartlettyarns Fisherman 2-Ply in Medium Sheeps Gray
Needle: Knit Picks Options, size 8
Started: January 16, 2010
Finished: January 18, 2010
Mods: none
Ravel It!

This one is, admittedly, pretty darn boring. One of those goals where you just lull the defense and goalie to sleep only to tuck a dribbler in between his pads. It truly was intended as a swatch cap, one to check my gauge for my Ravelympics project. It does fit nicely, although I should have knit the ribbing on smaller needles. The yarn softened up nicely after washing; I actually cooked it on the stove like I would dye yarn since it felt like there was some oil still left in the yarn. I'll keep it around until my sweater is finished in case I need the yarn, but I may end up donating this one. Which is ok too.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

FO: Wood Hollow Hat

Wood Hollow Hat Finished

Pattern: Wood Hollow Hat
Source: Through the Loops!
Yarn: Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool in Berries
Needle: Knit Picks Options, size 6 & 7
Started: January 6, 2010
Finished: January 11, 2010
Mods: Went up one needle size for body of hat, knit an extra cable repeat
Ravel It!

I. Love. This. Hat.

Another home run from Kirsten of Through the Loops! Every other pattern she publishes I want to knit. I think she might be responsible for 25% of my Ravelry queue right now. But can you blame me? Kirsten designs some really fabulous stuff.

This hat and I had a bit of a rocky start. I began knitting with some Cascade 220 in dark gray and just was not feeling it; the yarn felt too rough for my liking. I totally messed up the small cable pattern, knitting a twisted cable instead of the wavy cables called for. Of course, I realized it about halfway through and totally lost momentum.

When I came back around, I decided I needed new yarn and knew the perfect one. I saw the dark red color on the yarn store shelf and grabbed it up immediately. I love the depth it gives the pattern and it's SO soft. Once I got going again there was no turning back. It took me less than a week to finish the hat. I think it took me longer than that to actually photograph it!

Wood Hollow Hat FinishedThe fit is perfect, long enough to cover my ears and not too tight. I went up a needle size for the body of the hat both to make it slightly larger, but also too keep that luscious softness of the yarn. I think that's one reason the Cascade 220 wasn't working out. I also knit an extra repeat of the cable pattern to make sure the hat fit the way I wanted. Quite a few of the hats I've knit in the past I end up making too tight because they're not long enough. I constantly pull them down trying to cover my ears and they end up squishing the top of my head. With the larger gauge and size, this hat may not keep that bitterly cold winter wind at bay quite as well, but the comfortable fit is a good trade off.