Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Howzabout a WIP Wednesday?


I started another Baby Surprise Jacket this past weekend. It's knit in Sock That Rock Mediumweight, Monsoon, which has been languishing in my stash waiting for the perfect project. I started two other projects with it only to end up with pooling I didn't quite like. The miters on the BSJ take care of that problem nicely.

I'm using size 4 needles which, combined with the medium weight STR, should make for a bit larger sweater than the last fingering weight BSJ I knit. (Speaking of, that sweater lost a battle with velcro in the washing machine. Unfortunately, superwash doesn't mean completely indestructible. I'm hoping a handwash and careful blocking will return things to normal.)

It's resting gently in one of my office desk drawers at the moment where I can grab it for a few quick, sneaky rows in between work. Lately it's been very slow in the office so I've grown bolder with sneaking in a few stitches. Thankfully my office is tucked away in a corner and it's been fairly quiet, so I can hear people approach.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What is it?

What is it?, originally uploaded by Camping Jason.
Any guesses?

Hint the first: It's not finished (though it is now)

Hint the second: It will live outside (as things of this sort usually do)

Hint the third: There's another color to be added (you can see a bit of it peeking)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For Mojo

#1 Fan

C'mon Red Wings. Let's do this.

This is what we brought E home in (over a month ago!). I knit it in about a week. It's a top-down raglan sweater with no shaping whatsoever, therefore the front of the collar sits a bit high. I did insert a placket on the left shoulder to make it easier to get on. I then sewed two or three snaps in to close it. I had initially intended to put buttons on, but snaps are SO much easier to manage on a squirming baby. And boy does he squirm.

I knit the logo across the chest as I went after I initially planned to use duplicate stitch. If I recall correctly, I was feeling pressed for time and thought this would be faster. I'm glad I did it this way, I think it looks better. To manage it in the round, I cut long lengths of the white yarn and started the first row in the middle of that length of yarn. I then had approximately the same length left waiting for me when I came around for the next row. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It ended up being a tad long, but hopefully that means he can wear it again when hockey resumes this fall. He's little guy, but he's also gaining weight quickly. If he outgrows it, I'll be knitting another one.