Monday, December 8, 2008

A Fiber Tour: Day 2

Welcome back to day 2 of my little fiber tour.

Today we explore the other (fiber) half of my Pancake and Lulu purchase, some natural merino roving. A whole POUND of it. It's literally crammed into that little bag.

Natural merino roving - 1 lb.
Natural merino roving - 1 lb. from Pancake and Lulu

HO-LY CRAP thisisthesofteststuffihaveeverfelt.

This is some seriously special stuff. It'll probably be the last I spin up of all this fiber I'm showing you. I want to be pretty darn good by the time I dig into it. I do know that I definitely want to play with fiber dyeing, although color ideas escape me at present.

Basically the reason I ended up with a pound of fiber was to use up the rest of the $50 gift card. The spin kit from my last post was $25 and the merino roving was listed at $6.50 for 4 oz. Do the math and I only spent $1 (plus shipping) for a pound and a quarter of fiber and a spindle. Not bad at all.


Danman said...


Want color? Find some Huckleberries - yeah I know... but I have some in my freezer. They're like blueberries. When I blanched 'em before freezing, the water turned the most beautiful shade of blue I've seen. It was awesome. I wished I had had something to dye.

Or, how about pickled beets? A nice shade of majenta, no? I'm not sure what the vinegar/sugar and spices in the liquid would do to the set of the color though. Hmmm.

Just some thoughts. That fibre looks great though.