Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still Life: Felted Balls

Still Life: Felted Balls, originally uploaded by Camping Jason.

The fruits of my labor last night. Yesterday's post was really all about the quote, so here's a bit more detail on my process.

I used water from the tea kettle - very hot! - and only used enough to cover the balls in the bucket. Before, I had used a half full bucket which resulted in lots of splashing. With less water, I felt (ha!) I could get more friction with the plunger.

Before last night's efforts, the group at top left was completely unfelted. They still need lots of work. The group at lower left are almost finished, one more go should do it. The four smug ones at top right are the only ones I've deemed finished. And the sad yellow one all by itself was my first attempt and is too small. By the way, the yellow one just northwest of it is supposed to be the same color. That's what I get for felting washing darks and lights together. Didn't my mother raise me right?

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