Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another new sock

Ms. KWB (my wife) has been bugging me for another pair of socks for awhile now. I had some yarn left over from my Orange Pooled Socks that was not enough for a whole pair for me, but enough to not throw away. I started out with a simple 2x2 ribbed pattern to maximize fit. However, after getting both socks as far as the heel turn, I knew they would only end up as really short anklets at best.

The yarn is somewhat rare, only 1070 stashes of it on Ravelry and only 5 of this particular colorway, so I knew I would need a coordinating color to get a full pair of socks. The orange was going to be way too hard to match, and I thought the gray would make the socks too dark and dingy. I decided to get some white sock yarn to match with it. Let me tell you, white superwash sock yarn is not as easy to obtain as I thought it would/should be! I was hoping Knit Picks' Stroll would come in white because I thought the base would match fairly well. It does come in natural, but I thought that was too close to cream and not white. I finally settled on Lang Jawool. It's a bit thinner than the Handgefaerbt, so I hope blocking will help even things out a bit.


The pattern is just a plain stockinette stripe, but I'm using the helical knitting technique Grumperina brought to life. With only two yarns, keeping things straight is pretty easy, but I think the whole technique is pretty easy once it clicks. I'm not completely thrilled with the look, but Ms. KWB approved it, so I'm plugging away.

P.S. The Felici socks are finished, so now that's two blog posts I owe. I may have to send myself after me to threaten violence if this keeps up.

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