Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to Knitting

What have I been knitting on? Think you can guess from a photo? Those of you on Ravelry can easily figure it out by looking at my projects page, but that's cheating.

Jacket progress

Here are a few hints/details:

  • It is knit in garter stitch
  • It is knit with miters (the corners you can see above are made by increasing)
  • It is knit in sock yarn, in this case, Knit Picks Memories that I overdyed with yellow
  • It has a unique construction
  • It is a garment for a baby or small child
  • You could make a larger version simply by using larger needles and thicker yarn
  • I only cast on 3 stitches to start!
Give up? You didn't try very hard! Ok, it is this pattern. How many of you guessed the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann? Close but no cigar. I've had this pattern in my Rav queue for quite a while and finally decided to try it out. I've been struggling with what to use this particular yarn for (aside from socks) and I think this is perfect. The constant increases change the stitch count every row, which really helps avoid much pooling. I'm almost to the point of starting the sleeves, so things will start to get really interesting. I have a couple more patterns by this designer in my queue, I'm excited to try out other unique constructions.

P.S. Check out another photo of the same project. Amazing what different lighting will do to a photo. The photo at the top of this post was taken mid-morning, this photo was taken late-evening.

Sweater progress

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