Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Howzabout a WIP Wednesday?


I started another Baby Surprise Jacket this past weekend. It's knit in Sock That Rock Mediumweight, Monsoon, which has been languishing in my stash waiting for the perfect project. I started two other projects with it only to end up with pooling I didn't quite like. The miters on the BSJ take care of that problem nicely.

I'm using size 4 needles which, combined with the medium weight STR, should make for a bit larger sweater than the last fingering weight BSJ I knit. (Speaking of, that sweater lost a battle with velcro in the washing machine. Unfortunately, superwash doesn't mean completely indestructible. I'm hoping a handwash and careful blocking will return things to normal.)

It's resting gently in one of my office desk drawers at the moment where I can grab it for a few quick, sneaky rows in between work. Lately it's been very slow in the office so I've grown bolder with sneaking in a few stitches. Thankfully my office is tucked away in a corner and it's been fairly quiet, so I can hear people approach.

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