Monday, January 28, 2008

More Than a Headband

Two days progress on my wife's Shedir. Tubular cast on rocks.

ETA: Since blogger doesn't handle comments well - I can't reply via email - I'll have to take care of that in posts.

To LarjMarj and Crystal: The pattern for the blue and green socks in the post below is a mock cable pattern called River Rapids. I modified the pattern to only work the first 8 rows of the 'cable' pattern and then repeat, instead of the full 16. This is what's giving the 'cable' a twist. Otherwise it would weave back and forth.


Larjmarj said...

Totally Tubular.........

Couldn't resist ;-)

Mrs CeCrux said...

Well, I didn't know guys knitted but now i see they do! I am very very fascinated by this....anyways i am a knitter too BUT I have never knitted socks. I have crocheted them till my eyes bugged out but i am seeing you really know your stuff, sooo... I was wondering if you know a beginners sock pattern that isn't dumb looking and that can be made with one circular needle? I tried using the dpn's and I HATE them! Thanks!!! By the way i read how you wanted to get groceries then hurry to come home to knit? Im the same. can't stop myself.

Maia said...

Nice look with the "headband". Your wife is lucky. My husband has been asking for a hat for a while now. I should be good and make him one.

Love the mod to River Rapids and the stripy socks. I am interested in how you like the afterthought heel.