Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stripey Goodness

The sun wasn't out today, but with all the snow we've gotten lately, it's still bright enough for some good pictures. These were accomplished by opening the back door to let in the light. Our house sucks for letting in light. We have a grand total of one window with southern exposure, and it's in the dog's room.

image 003
We 'bee' stripey yo

You can just see the end of a dark line on the larger sock on the right; this is for an afterthought heel. I'm not sure how long I can make the legs since I didn't separate the ball of yarn into two equal balls; one of the disadvantages of not having a ball winder. I started the first sock from the outside of the ball and the second from the inside. That should make things interesting closer to the finish line.

Cat in the Hood Socks
We are limp and lifeless without a foot

I hate photos like this. Sock blockers are a step better, but in my opinion, socks need to be showcased in the environment they're most used: on the foot. But, by the time I got around to taking these photos, this was pretty much my only option.

Sorta River Rapids Sock
Ahhh, that's better

I tried to do a round toe at first, but that looked awful. So I tinked back and finished with a wedge toe. This sock is the best fitting sock I've finished so far. It's a tad tight to get over my heel, but once it's on, the foot fits perfectly and I'm pretty sure the leg will stay up too. My only complaint is that I worked it cuff down and there's a lot of leftover yarn. Oh well, I suppose I'll save it in case the heel wears out.

Finally, we have some yarn porn:

Cascade 220 Wool
Feel the wooly goodness

Some Cascade 220 Wool from WEBS. This will eventually become a Shedir hat and matching scarf for my wife, Matrix gloves for me (x2), a chunky cabled purse for her and hopefully a Koolhaas for myself. It's friggin cold out there!

Finally, I was going to suggest you go watch the NHL All-Star Skills competition on VS., but it's pissing me off this year. The camera work is AWFUL (camera guys on the ice is a bad idea), the powers that be changed the setup of some of the competitions (have you no respect for history?) and every five minutes there's a 'technical difficulty' either with mikes, timers or something else. Hopefully the game tomorrow is better.


Matt....... said...

Nice striped socks! I'd rock the heel now outof paranoia to make sure it fits though! I'm with you on the cold snap here too.....

Larjmarj said...

Love the stripey socks! The pattern on the darker pair definitely shows better "on foot" What pattern is it?

Better get crankin' on that hat, it is FRIKKIN' cold out!

Crystal said...

Ohhh, I like those cabled socks, good times.