Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bad Fiction

The Virtual Knitting Commune group is holding a bad fiction contest on Ravelry. If you're a Ravelry member, go on over and vote. I submitted an entry, but I won't tell which one until the contest is over. I'm not trying to mug for votes for myself, just for the contest in general. Voting ends on Paczki day (Tuesday) at noon.

And if you're not on Ravelry yet, go sign up! I heard the wait time is down to only a week now.


Larjmarj said...

I'll have to check it out. Like the new blog look. Were your ears burning today? We were talking about you at Knit Michigan and wondering when you are going to show up in meatspace?

The Happy College Knitter said...

Funny stories regardless! You crazy fiction writers you :)

Mrs CeCrux said...

Yeah I had no idea how long Ravelry is taking to invite but i have been waiting for 5 days so hopefully soon I'll be in. I'm getting antsy here!

i wanna see whats going on!

Anyways I tried those knitting patterns for socks...The one was informative and I was actually making progress, but then, the instructions just kind of...didn't explain anymore and I was left with questions and now, no socks started. I want socks so bad it's killing me.