Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Still Winter Right?

Despite the 6-8 inches of snow we got this week, the freezing cold temperatures and the fact that we haven't seen the sun in days, I found myself wondering if we're not, in fact, still in the middle of winter. Did Punxsutawney Phil predict an early spring this year? He didn't. Then why, pray tell, are ALL THE FREAKING STORES AROUND HERE OUT OF SNOW SHOVELS?! I went to three different chain stores this afternoon looking for new snow removal equipment only to be turned away. And ACO - ye gods - actually had their gardening equipment and supplies displayed. I realize people like to plan gardens early and perhaps even start them indoors, but mid-February? I guess it's just the sickness surrounding the early holiday push seeping into the seasons. I really don't enjoy being forced to shop out of season.

Anyways, on to the knitting. That's what you came here for right?

DW's scarf is coming along at a nice pace, although I suppose it seems that way since it's just the beginning. I 'tried it on' today and it doesn't yet fit around my neck.

The way the pattern repeats are set up make for nice little goals. It doesn't look like much now, it's hard to see the cables, but once it's blocked, I think it will be splendid.

scarf 002This photo shows the true color of the yarn better. And yes, that's me knitting in my Jeep. I like to get out of the office for an hour reprieve, listen to the radio and knit. It's very refreshing.


Merrie Cuylter said...

Beautiful pattern! I love the color, too. I agree about the "out of season" stuff in the stores. I was looking for a swimming pool for the kids on the hottest day of the year last summer. Guess what? They'd cleared them out a week before. Insanity. We should start a revolution. :)

Larjmarj said...

It's totally ridiculous the way stores push merchandise a season ahead. Can't find summer clothes in the summer time etc....really dumb. The scarf is looking fab! I know what you mean about needing a reprieve at work. I hate when we have lunch time meetings, it ruins my day. I need my lunch hour to relax read the paper eat and of course.....knit. I've even managed to rope a few co-workers in to the knitting coven at lunchtime.

Emma said...

The thing with scarves is that it seems like you knit on them forever and ever and they never get any longer. And then one day, all of a sudden, they're enormous. Love the scarf you're working on--the color is very pretty!

Maia said...

The scarf is looking great! The hat and scarf will be a fabulous set. So stylish.

Good luck with the snow shovel. I haven't seen one is years! Ah, I love California.

weezalana said...

Tooooe pick! Very impressed you knew that. ;)

Wow, that scarf looks pretty damn cool unblocked!

I remember going to the store on Halloween in search of a door decoration and being SOL. They'd already pulled it all down and put up their Christmas crap. 'Cause that's when I wanna get my Christmas ornaments. In October. *rolls eyes*

Soxophone Player said...

Punxsutawney Phil's northern cousin, Wiarton Willie, lives not far from me. The rodent has called for an early spring. It's looking like your boy's on the money.

Charles said...

Jason~ You kidding me!
I never seen snow for 15 year in CA, I can't imgine that your complain too much snow in your area..I hope there is way you can send me snow!

O My god..Look at you! What a great cable scarf your working on.
Really awesome!

Stay warm and cozy..

The Happy College Knitter said...

SO TRUE about the snow shovel thing. I'm up in Wisconsin (AKA the most wintery state EVER) and Fleet Farm, Walmart,and Kmart were out of everything except children's shovels. Greeeaaaaat. I totally feel you on that.

The scarf looks great so far! Great job recreating Shedir into scarf-form, it looks like a seamless transition. Beautiful color too by the way...I'm a sucker for blue!

Charles said...

Hey Jason~

I just want to say wishing you best Valentine's Day!


Knitting Scotsman said...

I think spring might be coming. You can usually tell by the larger-than-car-sized pot holes on Van Dyke.

Meg said...

Love this - the color, pattern and your knitting style really make this an amazing piece - stunning!