Friday, March 14, 2008

FO: Fibonacci Ribs Sweater

Pattern: Fibonacci Ribs Sweater - Queenie Sisters Designs
Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style in Asparagus
Needles: various size 6 needles
Started: November 2005
Finished: February 16, 2008
Modifications: none
What I learned: Knitting a sweater takes a long time! This was one of the first 'real' projects I ever started and yes, it took me 2 1/4 years to finish it. The most important thing I learned was to choose a sweater design that is appropriate for the recipient. Looking at a pattern book and getting a "That one looks nice" response does not mean it's the right design. This has a pretty deep set-in sleeve which made for a lot of fabric bunching in the armpit. I may take it apart and attempt a re-knit at some point.

This will be a sweater to remember though, if not for how much use it gets, then definitely for what I'll recall happened while I knit it. I worked on it at my desk during lunch at my first real job, it traveled on the train to Toronto the weekend I proposed to my wife, to IKEA in Pittsburgh (from Michigan) to get the first furniture for our new home and got shelved for fear of destruction when we adopted our first puppy, Lola. A lot has changed in our lives while this one was on the needles.

I held off blogging this while I searched for more progress photos, but they seem to have disappeared on me, so you only get the finished product. This won't be the last sweater I make, but I think the next one I knit for my wife is going to have to be a lot better or she won't let me knit for her any more!

I have another DWFO* yet to post, but I'm holding out for another modeling session. I've also re-started progress on the Sorta River Rapids socks and making excellent time. I don't know what it is about that pattern, but it goes really quickly. I may finish by next weekend, just in time for a belated St. Patty's party we're going to. Once those are done, it's back to the Carbonite socks to finish those up. I must say, knitting 3 pairs of socks one at a time works wonders for second socks syndrome.

*Dear Wife Finished Object :-)


Jan said...

From the picture it seems that you could go down a size on the sleeves. That would reduce the bunching at the shoulder.

Nice persistence. It renews my faith that my own long term projects will also be FO one day.

Anne said...

Oh, but you've finished a sweater, no matter how long it took! Serious garment envy here ; )

Soxophone Player said...

I don't hand knit, but I sell a lot of sweaters that I have knit for me - I have found over time that raglan sleeves vastly outsell all other styles.

But I wouldn't have noticed the underarm gathering if you hadn't pointed it out. I think its lovely and it counters a common critisism of inset sleeves that they are too tight in the armpit.

I like the colour and the understated texture of the pattern.

Larjmarj said...

That is awesome and you know I LOVE that green!

I know what you mean about some things taking forever, that's how I feel about almost everything that I have on the needles right now. I refuse to let any of it hibernate though!

Mike said...

Hey, I'm impressed. Very nice looking sweater, no matter HOW long it took to finish it. Trust me...I'm famous for starting projects and taking a long, long time to finish them.

Jessica said...

Isn't it funny how we knit our lives into our projects? Kind of nice I think. And I think the sweater looks pretty darn good for a first sweater! Mine would only have fit a two armed octopus!! ;)

dickie said...

Knitting a sweater definitely takes a long time. =) Great job though! I love that it has a story/stories attached.

Meg said...

the title of this post made me LOL. thats how we feeling in scranton pa!


Rabbi Wendy said...

Would you be willing to share this pattern. It is no longer available through Knit Picks, where I originally saw it. Customer service did an extensive search for me. Queenie Sisters Designs also says it's unavailable.

Please contact me at