Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Feed & Old Knitting

I recently burned the feed to my blog using FeedBurner. I did the same for a couple other blogs I manage and the results are pretty nice. Now I can more easily keep track of all you out there who read about my knitting adventures! If you've subscribed previously, can I ask you to update your subscriptions with the new link?

Old Knitting
image 435It seems I've been rather stale with blog posts of late and there's a reason for that. I've been rather stale in my knitting as well. The vintage Red Wings sweater is dead in the water, quite literally in fact. I knew better, but started the sleeves anyway without testing the color fastness of the dye in the red yarn. I knitted a red and white striped swatch after I'd finished both sleeves only to end up with pink and red stripes instead. Blast. So, now I'm faced with either coming up with a way to either rinse or set the red dye in the sleeves OR ripping it all out and washing the yarn to remove the excess dye. You can understand my reluctance. This was supposed to be my Stanley Cup Playoffs project and I was on pace to be finished when the Wings win the cup. To rip it all now...I shudder to even think of it. I really hoped that I could wear it when I get my picture with the Stanley Cup.

I added a few older FOs to Ravelry which brings the grand total of unblogged finished knits to six. Six! You can expect a string of FO posts in the coming days. I should have enough with good photos to start while I compile photos of the others :-) Which will only lead to one of the best things about knitting...casting on for new projects!


Dana said...

Rit has a product for removing the color from stripes that have bled onto white. I used it years ago on a store bought shirt and it worked well, but I have never tried it on a knitted garment.

Good luck.

Larjmarj said...

Pink? OH crap!!

I am also stuck in the land of UFO's and it sux.

Anonymous said...

They have those dye-magnet things that you throw in the washer to soak up excess dye. You might want to try that with a swatch to see if that makes your white yarn blush. Or commit to never wash your sweater...I know, you won't get to block it, but rinse the rest of the red yarn, soak it in vinegar to set the dye, then knit up the body, and wear it for the Stanley cup. Then experiement with the washing. Just a thought.
Good luck,
Karen O

Anonymous said...

A cup of vinegar in the wash and rinse cycle will keep the color from bleeding in most cases - I enjoyed your blog as well - you are extremely talented - go wings!!