Monday, June 23, 2008

How'd I do?

  1. Have lunch with both of my parents, individually
    Managed lunch with my dad, but not my mom, which apparently caused a stink. Can't win for losing.
  2. Have lunch with my wife
  3. Fix the closet doors in our bedroom. We got new carpet almost a year ago (yikes!) and the closet doors need to be trimmed to fit now.
  4. Organize my knitting closet
  5. Hang out with my friend Joe & play video games all day long
    Check! And I had the sore shoulder/arm/wrist to prove it.
  6. Get the bathroom tub re-glazed. My wife's been wanting this since we moved in, I thought it would be a nice surprise for her.
  7. Make progress on my Vintage Red Wings sweater. This includes both knitting and removing dye from the red yarn. I bought some of these to help.
    Got the yarn flushed (holy crap there was a lot of extra dye), but made no progress on knitting the sweater. Technically you could say I made negative progress since I'm now going to have to re-kint a sleeve because the stupid Shout dye catchers didn't work.
  8. Finish the pirate bag. Includes sewing a lining and installing a zipper.
    Hand sewed the lining, but balked at the idea of hand sewing the zipper and lining to the actual bag. Should have gone to my mother's to use her sewing machine. Would've helped with #1.
  9. Dye some yarn. I have two more skeins of Knit Picks bare merino, I'm thinking something blue and green.
  10. Take the dog to the groomer for a haircut
  11. Research and possibly book a vacation for the week after the 4th
    If you consider calling on a chalet up north research...
  12. Make some serious progress on my argyle socks
  13. Take a break from argyle sock my knitting a BSJ for my friend's new baby
    Totally got this one nailed. I almost finished it before the week was over.
  14. Finish up all the random WIPs I have lying around
  15. Remove the dirt from an old flower bed and fill in the holes around the tree in the back yard
  16. Move bricks from said flower bed off the patio
  17. Plan 4th of July party
    Lists have been made and initial invites circulated
  18. Locate and purchase Jeep decorations for 4th of July parade
    They're pretty garish, but we got em.
  19. Make home cooked meals as many days as possible
  20. Sit outside as much as possible and enjoy the nice weather
    Considering I had a nagging cold hiding in the background all week and I did manage some significant yard work, I'm calling this one done.
  21. Pull weeds in front yard
  22. Remove bush next to porch
  23. Trim trees so I can walk under them
Eh, so I didn't get everything done. I didn't really think I would. Point is, I enjoyed my time off and got enough done to where I didn't feel completely lazy.

Finally, here's an update on the Accepted Argyles:


and a rear-view:


I absolutely love these socks. Knitting the accent lines as you go is definitely the way to go. Hopefully they fit.


brandilion said...

The back looks impressive! Congratulations on all you got done :)

Merrie Cuylter said...

What? Didn't finish all your WIPs? I wouldn't either, in a week. I think I have more than 30 quilting things alone... Sorry to hear the Shout dye things didn't work. Bummer! The argyle socks look awesome!

Larjmarj said...

Socks look friggin' awesome!

I always make lists and look at them from time to time.....