Monday, June 16, 2008

Vacation To Do

I'm on vacation starting today (well technically this past Friday) by myself. It worked out that I had an 'extra' week of vacation, so unfortunately, my wife is at work this week. Since the prospect of a week off was proving to be overwhelming with possibilities, I have constructed a list of things to accomplish during my vacation.

In no certain order:

  1. Have lunch with both of my parents, individually
  2. Have lunch with my wife
  3. Fix the closet doors in our bedroom. We got new carpet almost a year ago (yikes!) and the closet doors need to be trimmed to fit now.
  4. Organize my knitting closet
  5. Hang out with my friend Joe & play video games all day long (in progress today)
  6. Get the bathroom tub re-glazed. My wife's been wanting this since we moved in, I thought it would be a nice surprise for her.
  7. Make progress on my Vintage Red Wings sweater. This includes both knitting and removing dye from the red yarn. I bought some of these to help.
  8. Finish the pirate bag. Includes sewing a lining and installing a zipper
  9. Dye some yarn. I have two more skeins of Knit Picks bare merino, I'm thinking something blue and green.
  10. Take the dog to the groomer for a haircut
  11. Research and possibly book a vacation for the week after the 4th
  12. Make some serious progress on my argyle socks
  13. Take a break from argyle sock my knitting a BSJ for my friend's new baby
  14. Finish up all the random WIPs I have lying around
  15. Remove the dirt from an old flower bed and fill in the holes around the tree in the back yard
  16. Move bricks from said flower bed off the patio
  17. Plan 4th of July party
  18. Locate and purchase Jeep decorations for 4th of July parade
  19. Make home cooked meals as many days as possible
  20. Sit outside as much as possible and enjoy the nice weather
Ah, a nice round 20 item list. I think it's a nice mix of fun stuff and responsible things, don't you?


brandilion said...

Wow, quite the list. I don't think I personally would get through half of it, but I'm on the lazy side. Hope you have a great time.

sko_G knits said...

wow, that's an ambitious list, although it all sounds fun. good look on your quest and you'd be quite productive if you get it all done!!

Maia said...

What are you going to do on the second day? ;-)

Merrie Cuylter said...

So it's been two weeks. How many did you finish? My list for the summer is much shorter than your 'vacation'!