Friday, November 7, 2008

Life Gets in the Way


I've been so busy/stressed with LIFE this past week, I haven't had a chance to work on my favorite project (or blog about anything). It's patiently waiting, pinned to the blocking board, to be seamed.

I love how clean the guts are:

Argyle guts

P.S. - We voted on Tuesday and are over the moon with the results. I was all prepared to knit in line, but there were only two people in front of us!


micah said...

Man, I was pumped about standing in line. I had a bottle of water, a hat (it rained), headphones, and my knitting.

I walked right in, voted and left. No line at all! It was like thay were all there just for me.

Larjmarj said...

I went first thing in the AM and I waited about an hour. I did KIL. ;-)

I also am elated over the election results!! How refreshing to hear MY president speak and not sound like a stammering sniveling idiot.

Let the healing begin.

schrodinger said...

That's some seriously neat colourwork! I'm impressed. Also thrilled that I will now be living in a country that has just gained the world's respect again :)

brandilion said...

no line for me either! Thank goodness cuz it was pouring rain and I forgot my knitting!

Danman said...

Hey man, the pic of you on the left side of the page... you in the knitted hat... where'd you get the pattern? I need a hat like that! Great site man, keep your head above water and take some deep breaths! Hang in there!