Monday, October 27, 2008

Some Success

Beyond the Sea Socks

Here's my progress for the weekend. While I wasn't specifically successful - I didn't complete the first sock - I'm calling it a success since I knit about the same amount. The one on the right is actually the first sock, lefty only had 3 pattern repeats done before this weekend. I got just past the heel (you can see the yellow waste yarn peeking out just below my thumb) while watching sports all day Saturday and crap TV on Sunday. I would've made more progress last night, but we saw Henry Rollins at the State Theater and I didn't think they'd let me bring knitting needles in. I was right, they were pretty vigilant at the doors, to the point of pawing through my wife's purse.

I had hoped to spend the weekend knitting on my Accepted Argyles, but my KnitPicks order with the needles I need only showed up this morning. Or so says. I hate their tracking system. I like to think that if they had arrived on Friday as I hoped, I would've finished the first one of that pair. Now, I'll probably switch to those at home and continue on the mystery/beyond the sea socks on my lunch breaks.


Larjmarj said...

Dude!! I was at Rollins too!!! I wish that I'd have known you'd be there too.

I love him....sigh...

Socks look great!