Monday, January 4, 2010

FO: Frivolity


Pattern: Liesel
Yarn: Berroco Love It Colors - Monday Monday
Needle: Boye size 8 straights
Started: August 20, 2009
Finished: August 30, 2009
Ravel It!

What can I say? It's a total copy. It's completely pointless. I love it.

I bought the yarn specifically to make this scarf and I have absolutely no use for it. I saw Hannah's version over two years ago and fell in love. And, just like her scarf, mine only has a smidgen of that lovely bright blue at the ends and at one spot in the middle.

the pattern
A frivolous beginingI would definitely knit this pattern again. You definitely have to pay attention while you're knitting it though, since each row is different. I loved watching each leaf take shape as I knit and the whole piece knitted up quickly. Thinking back now, I recall knitting in my car during lunch and it being really hot outside. Which is nice since it's about minus eleventy billion right now.

the yarn
For looks, this yarn has it made. The colors are vibrant and make for quite the odd mixture. It shows the pattern well enough too. For function, it sucks; This is strictly a fashion-type scarf. Made of acrylic and cotton, it won't be keeping anyone warm. It blocked reasonably well for its fiber content, although if you're looking to stretch the size on anything, you can forget it.

Anyone need a scarf?


Anna Bananas said...

absolutely beautiful! Very nice job! Maybe it would keep someone warm in a cool office building, then matching the quasi-functionality of the scarf and allowing it's beauty to be shown!

Meg said...

What an absolutely great color combo - really beautiful!