Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 Finished Knits

2009 Finished Knits

1. Frivolity, 2. Mother In Law Scarf, 3. Little Coriolis Sock, 4. Little Sky Sock, 5. Plane Red Sock, 6. Neapolitan socks, 7. Earl of Noro Socks, 8. Orange pooled socks, 9. Beyond the Sea Socks, 10. One Pink Sock, 11. Mini Bruins Sweater, 12. Mini Canucks jersey, 13. Cobblestone, 14. Pembroke Vest, 15. Turn a Square 2.1, 16. Morgan driving cap, 17. Red Wings Winter Classic hat, 18. Yzerman Aran Hat, 19. Turn a Square 2.0, 20. 8-trick pocket hat, 21. A Square Turned, 22. Everlasting Bag Stopper #1, 23. Swiffer cloth

Better get this one posted before too much of 2010 gets away!

Two scarves, five pairs of socks, three mini socks, one sweater, one baby vest, six hats - one of them twice - and two accessories. Not too bad for a year's work. Looking back on my knits from 2009, I'm proud of what I did. I'm also motivated to push myself farther and expand my knitting horizons. Maybe not with more finished pieces, but with harder projects. I really want to have more sweaters and a cardigan or two. The Bartlett I have hiding upstairs calls my name constantly.

In compiling the collage photo above, I also realized how many of my FOs went unblogged in '09 - over half! I'll have to get on that quick. I'll probably just make some quick posts without a lot of chatter, but I do want to get them recorded.


Eklectika! said...


I was going to say, I don't remember the mini hockey jerseys! They're adorably awesome.