Monday, February 8, 2010

FO: Swatch Cap

Swatch Cap

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman's swatch cap
Source: Knitting Workshop
Yarn: Bartlettyarns Fisherman 2-Ply in Medium Sheeps Gray
Needle: Knit Picks Options, size 8
Started: January 16, 2010
Finished: January 18, 2010
Mods: none
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This one is, admittedly, pretty darn boring. One of those goals where you just lull the defense and goalie to sleep only to tuck a dribbler in between his pads. It truly was intended as a swatch cap, one to check my gauge for my Ravelympics project. It does fit nicely, although I should have knit the ribbing on smaller needles. The yarn softened up nicely after washing; I actually cooked it on the stove like I would dye yarn since it felt like there was some oil still left in the yarn. I'll keep it around until my sweater is finished in case I need the yarn, but I may end up donating this one. Which is ok too.


Yarndude said...

Is that hat a bit scratchy on your forehead, or no? I made a sweater out of this yarn and it did soften up really nicely after washing. The oil left in the yarn is actually the natural lanolin of the sheep, which makes the yarn more waterproof and better for outergarments like the traditional ganseys and stuff (hence "fisherman" wool).