Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Making Adjustments

Full chart
After casting on at lunch yesterday, I realized the original chart I made was going to be far too large. So, I pared it down by 4 stitches, went down a needle size and now I think they'll be spot on. Shrinking the chart forced me to move in the small snowflakes a bit, but that's ok. I also added a small snowflake at the bottom right and designed the palm chart. I originally had the small flakes on the palm a lot closer, but decided it looked too dense.

Given that my 'gauge' was off when estimating how wide to make these, I'm no longer sure of the length I have charted. I didn't want to delay starting any longer than I needed though, so I'll try to recalculate the length today and adjust on the fly. I figure I can take out the top snowflake and start the decreases at the top sooner if need be.

I cast on again last night and made some nice progress, about halfway up the deers' legs. If I can make that much progress each day, I'll definitely have these done in time. I'll try to get a WIP photo today and post tomorrow.

Finally, here's a Ravelry link to the original fornicating deer chart.

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