Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Knits in the Wild*

Dandelion BSJ
First BSJ I ever knit, years before we even started trying to have kids. Got machine washed (ok), with velcro bibs (not ok). Worn maybe twice, now it's pretty much too small for him. :(

Bucket Hat
Cotton sunhat knit in the span of three days while we were up north after realizing his current hat didn't fit anymore. Fits him perfectly right now and it worked to keep the sun out of his face, dubious look aside.

Little Sophisticate
Little Sophisticate shawl collared cardigan. I sewed the buttons on this weekend when it got chilly and I remembered that I knit this. It fits him great right now, though the sleeves are long, so he should be able to wear it a few times this fall.

*The wilds of our living room that is.

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