Wednesday, October 17, 2007

As promised

Wham! Yarn! Porn!


Don't you just lurve it? Maia made this for me after I won a contest on her blog. She offered hand-dyed sock yarn, so I asked her to make some up inspired by Socks That Rock in the Monsoon colorway. I don't know how close it is, but I don't care. Maia is starting up a fiber business called Tactile Fiber Arts. She's not up and running online yet, but as soon as she is, I'm sure she'll be flooded with orders. Or at least she should be.


This is freaking awesome sock yarn. By far, the best sock yarn I've ever owned. I named it Typhoon. Usually people know exactly what they're going to make when they get yarn of such awesomeness, but I don't know yet. I need to clear my mind and let the yarn speak to me.


Hello there...what are you trying to say?


ekgheiy said...

Very nice color indeed!! One of these days, I'll have the budget to treat myself to some cool yarns like that. Enjoy knitting with it!! :)

sko_G knits said...

omg, that **IS** gorgeous!!
i can already imagine it knit up.

Charles said...

Oh~~~ Great yarn!!!!!
It will be great socks with cable!!! Awesome!!

Larjmarj said...

That IS sock pr0n!!

Very nice, can't wait to see what it turns in to.

Eikon said...

Ooooo I like subtle colourways.

Eric & Tony said...

Nothing like a bit of pr0n in the morning.

Awesome colorway!

brandilion said...

It looks beachy something wave inspired, or Naga Socks.

DeeAnn said...

I adore Maia, isn't she fabulous?! Great sense of color. Saw your new skein on Ravelry - I just got in yesterday - and saw you're in my town. Small darn world. Took a quick peek, love all of your socks, very nice! I wish I had more in this weather for sure, my feet are jealous. But please, please don't try acid dyeing in the AllClad!! ;-) My pots are still quivering at the thought.