Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Too Much

I think I'm going to give up the SAMKAL4. I might finish my October Garter-rib socks (I'd hate to get close but not make it), but I just don't see myself getting a pair done for November and December, what with the holidays and such. It takes me the whole month to finish a pair (I honestly don't know how people finish a pair of socks in two weeks that aren't DK weight) and I don't like being under the pressure to finish before the end of the month. I find myself glancing at the calendar constantly thinking, ok if I finish the first sock today, I'll have an extra day to work on the second one, etc. Speaking of the garter-rib socks, I am done with the first sock and started the toe on the second.

Also wanted to point out the ad on the right there for Vickie Howell's new podcast. She's giving away free yarn ... catch your breath ... that's right free yarn to anyone who posts the ad on their blog. I'm really excited about her third episode, she interviews Will Forte from SNL. I loved him in Beerfest and it's so cool that he knits. Way to represent the guys Will! Anyways, it's a grass-roots effort to promote the podcast, so do what you feel like to spread the word. Check out her blog for more info.

P.S. - I got some awesome yarn in the mail yesterday, just need to photograph it and I can tell you all about it. It's so cool!


Becca said...

I ended up subscribing to your blog from SAM4, so figure you got that much out of it!

I had the same thought today too, when I found myself working on pair of socks that should have been ripped out 4 inches ago. I didn't want to frog them, even though I knew the pattern sucked and was a disgrace to the beautiful yarn, because then I wouldn't have October socks.

I figured it's a Knit Along, not a Forced Knit. Let all those other loonies knock out multiple socks per month. There won't be any from me. Or you perhaps, but we'll be happier knitters.


Melody said...

i too am giving up on the samkal4. i did great with 3, but 4 is sucking for me. :( with nov. & dec and holiday hang over my head and i have hangovers.. its just not a good combo! i frogged my Sept..and we'll see how far I get in Oct ;) i just wanted to let you know..your not alone.