Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sweet Christmas Present

So it's two months to the day late, but better than never right? I heard about this particular book on David Reidy's podcast, Sticks and String. Noting the current scarcity of Alice Starmore's book, this gem at around $20 was a steal. When mom asked if there was anything else I wanted for Christmas, I couldn't say the words fast enough. You can get the best look at the goodies inside on the Ravelry page for the book. I love that about Ravelry since you can't look inside most knitting books on Amazon.

With all the Bartlett that recently came into my possession, I've got plenty of fuel to burn through this book rather quickly. 


Larjmarj said...

This book is SO you! I can't wait to see your version of some of the patterns!

micah said...

you are going to be itchy and warm! Good stuff!

I've recently resurected my sweater and am through the left front! (I can get in 2 rows on the's progress)