Monday, May 11, 2009

Socks Aplenty

I've pretty much given up on my Red Wings sweater for now. Construction difficulties combined with warmer weather have forced it to the hibernation pile. What I've really been working on lately is socks.

I finally finished by Beyond the Sea Socks (FO post forthcoming) and picked my Typhoon Socks off the WIP pile. I'm knitting them toe up from opposite ends of a large skein, and you can see how they're pooling differently. 

Typhoon Socks
Typhoon Socks

I made lots of progress on these this weekend when I sat through a two hour graduation ceremony. I wanted to work on these since they are simple stockinette. I didn't take note before I started, but I probably did about two-thirds of what you see on the left sock. 

It was the first time I've knit in such a public place. I was nervous to start, but once I did I was glad; it made the time go by much more quickly. The only 'casualty' was dropping my bag of yarn behind the seat in front of me. There's not much room in between rows and I'm a big guy, so I had to wait until the end to retrieve it. It didn't keep me from knitting though!

I've been trying not to buy much yarn after the huge lot I purchased back in February, but WEBS' May sale made me fall down. I ended up with three skeins of Noro Kureyon Sock.

Noro Earl Grey Socks
Noro Socks

I started these Thursday night and made most of this progress during the 2 1/2 hour drive to and from Mt. Pleasant. It's hard to tell in the photo, but I'm doing Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Earl Grey pattern. I wanted some interesting knitting without requiring too much attention. I switched it to a toe-up pattern, so I can use every last inch of this beautiful yarn.

Finally, we have the socks I will be spending the most time with next week.

Vacation Socks

I started these only as far as the cuff because they will be my vacation socks. I didn't want to fiddle with starting socks on the plane, but I figured working the actual pattern before vacation would be cheating. The pattern is the Mad Color Weave socks, available here. They're pooling really crazily right now, I'm hoping it either continues like that or gets broken up by the pattern. I want to see how much knitting I get done, and also document the trip like the Yarn Harlot does. 

We're heading to St. Petersburg, FL for the week and I could not be more excited. It's been a while since we've been on a real vacation. We already have plans to see a Rays game, visit the Salvador Dali museum (great find!) and take a day trip to Orlando to see Univeral Studios. The rest of the time we will be relaxing on the beach, but if anyone has any can't miss places to visit, let me know.


Anna Bananas said...

My DH and I loved drinking around the world in Epcot - it is totally worth it - but if you don't want to pay for entrance it's fun to do putt-putt or go to Downtown Disney (for Orlando). In tampa (that's where I got my MLIS :-) - Go USF!) you can't go wrong with the beaches of st. pete. There are some nice yarn shops in tampa. If you want to travel about an hour you could go to The Ringling Museum in sarasota (the house is awesome) also make sure to go over the skyway bridge, you can see a lot of people windsurfing at the base of them. You'll have lots of fun! Enjoy!

Anna Bananas said...

Oh and I forgot - the Tampa Aquarium is pretty darn good too!

Ms. Kimba said...

oh i love the earl grey socks! i knitted a pair for a guy friend of mine but they turned out too small and now they are mine and i LOVE them! they were fast and oh so easy! you can peek at them on MsKimba and actually i think i'm on your friends list.

I just came back from my old home where i lived for a few years in Sweden, I even made a trip to Norway on saturday and the one thing i didnt buy that i really wanted...yarn..shame on me!!!!!! swedish yarn is amazing!