Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Part 2

As promised, a current up-to-date WIP post...

Sweater progress
A rare accurate progress shot

If you haven't been paying attention, check out what a fast knitter I am! This is the back done and front about halfway there. I wanted to get 4 inches done today, an inch at lunch and 3 this evening, which would set me up to start the neck opening. I did pretty well at lunch, hopefully tonight isn't chaotic at home and I can get some knitting time in.

I briefly thought about using short rows to work the back shoulder decreases. It would have allowed for a three needle bind-off at the shoulder, but in the end I just decided to bind-off per the instructions. I was a little worried the TNBO would stretch the wrapped stitches and be harder to fix if it did. With hand seaming, I should be better able to control that.

To finish the body, I'll definitely get into a 12th skein, but I don't think it will take all of it. That leaves 8+ skeins for the sleeves and neck. My next decision, which I just realized, is whether to knit both sleeves at once or one at a time. Originally I was planning to knit both at once, but if I were to knit one and find that it takes more than four skeins of yarn, I'd know sooner that I would need more yarn. I really can't imagine sleeves on a modified drop shoulder sweater taking more than four skeins each, but can I risk the alternative?

Somewhere in the back of my mind is a voice yelling that I can calculate how many stitches, in pattern, are in a ball of yarn and how many rows a sleeve will take, but oy ... it's making my head hurt.

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