Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Sleeves edition


I've knit a couple inches since, but this is about where my sweater stood on Christmas Eve. In other words, unfinished. I was making good progress and I swear the end was in sight. What really screwed me was having to add about 3 inches to each sleeve. I don't know why, but the measurements in the pattern would've left me with the sleeve equivalent of floods.

I technically had the Friday before off work, but that ended up being just a cruel joke. I decided, after staying up knitting until 2:30 a.m. Thursday night, that I'd rather save my sanity and enjoy what little time I did have off instead of driving myself crazy trying to squeeze in stitches here and there. It ended up being the right decision, and surprisingly, this turned out to be the most enjoyable Christmas holiday I've had in a while. Whether that was due to a lower stress level from no deadline knitting or the alcohol I consumed, I'm not really going to question it.

I've got a little less than one full repeat left on sleeve #2, then these need to be blocked and seamed to the sweater body. The body itself is finished, seamed at the shoulders and blocked. All that remains is to knit the neck band. New deadline: New Years Eve.

P.S. Another good thing about not finishing in time: I would've ROASTED at my in-laws on Christmas Eve. Thirty people in one house plus the oven running all day... I was sweating in a dress shirt.

P.P.S. On of my commenters had asked, so I'll let you know the pattern is Man's Intertwined Cables Pullover by Melissa Leapman from Cables Untangled.

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