Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I went to TJ Maxx this weekend to try and find a suitable dye pot, so I can stop using our expensive All Clad. While it's ok for dyeing with Kool-Aid, I want to move on to food dyes and possibly acid dyes eventually, so a separate pot is necessary. I didn't find the bargains I had hoped to - the cheapest was $25, I was hoping for more around $15 - so I moved on to the mens clothes to kill some time while my wife looked for a dress. I was merely strolling aimlessly through the aisles when lo and behold, this popped out at me.


I checked the label and sure enough, pure wool! There were a few other nice Polo cardigans, but they were cotton and twice the price of this find, which I got for a sweet $13.



After 3 hours Sunday afternoon spent snipping, picking and unravelling, I ended up with this:


It's currently drying on an IKEA clothes rack after I soaked it yesterday to remove most of the kink. It should be done by the time I get home tonight, so maybe I'll wind some of it up into balls. I don't know how much I have yardage-wise, but the sweater was a size large. Anyone know the best way to figure that out? I was thinking I could weigh 1 gram of it, then weigh the whole skein and extrapolate from there. I don't have a yardage measuring tool, plus if I can find a home solution, I'm all about it. It's two-ply and, while in sweater form at least, was very soft. It doesn't feel as soft in hanks, but I'm sure once I knit it up, it'll be nice. Now I need to decide what to make with it, any suggestions?

In other news, the twisted tweed socks tarry on. I had to rip out pretty much all of this weekend's progress to make the leg 6 stitches smaller, but that made the makeup work go that much quicker. I think I'm already back to the length I was at before frogging. I was a little nervous about them being too small, but so far they fit perfectly. I'm also a little nervous about running out of yarn, so the smaller leg should help with that. I tried a new style of heel as well, but...well you'll just have to wait until they're done. I can't give out all the secrets before hand!


Finally, I decided yesterday that I want to knit this.

The sample is definitely more colorful than I would ever make it, but I'm thinking Knit Picks' Wool of the Andes in Onyx Heather - and some contrast color to be determined later - would make a nice winter coat. I have a vision of being clad entirely in handmade knits: hat, scarf, coat, gloves/mittens and toasty socks. It would be awesome if I could make it before it gets cold this year, but alas, I'm no where near fast enough and don't have enough time. I'd have to give up the SAMKAL4, plus my wife's Fibonacci sweater (are we sure this is even real??) still wouldn't be getting done. I promised her it would be done before it gets cold. I have a few other projects that I've promised her (and myself) standing in the way...no, I'll just have to go without this winter. Perhaps for next year.

P.S. - Matt, the Memories is great to work with. I really am sad they discontinued it. The stockinette stitch is making a nice uniform material, there's no way you'd be able to feel stitches on the bottom of the foot. I can barely feel a texture when I run my hands over it. The stitch definition overall is good and it's nice sliding through the fingers as you work with it. A very solid yarn overall.


Angela said...

I asked the same question about a yarn meter for my spinning a while back and got some very creative responses. The thread on Knitting Help is here in case it helps: http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/forum/showthread.php?t=59610

Emma said...

Wow, you're so resourceful! Can't wait to see how it all works out. It looks like a tedious project, unravleling the sweater and all. I admire your patience.

Matt....... said...

I don't know how acurate this would be and it would take a hell of a long time to do, but you could always use a niddy noddy and skein all of it....and take the plunge and skip right to acid dyes! it is sooooooo simple.

soxophone player said...

I used pickle canning pots to dye on stove for years. They can be used until there's a rust break in the finish. Can easily dye 1 lb of yarn. AND with the rack that normally holds the jars,you can steam set hand painted yarn projects.

ekgheiy said...

OH, sweet find!! Congrats. I frequent TJ Maxx and Marshalls to keep an eye out for a sweater to recycle, but I've yet to find one. Although, I did find a cotton cardi at Goodwill to recycle once. But I like your find much better. :)

Your socks are looking lovely. But I'm confused...I don't remember the pattern being toe up. Are you modifying? Or did I read the pattern wrong? (*blush*) :D

PS: That is infinitely charming for a hubby to knit for his wife. I love it!!! Lucky lucky lady she is...


Dana said...

Holy crap, every time you post you blow me away. First of all, for dye pots I have two words: Garage Sales! I found several that way, and didn't pay much at all, one of them was brand new in the box still bubble wrapped. As far as recycling sweaters, I've been to Salvation Army's and secondhand stores, but have never bought a new sweater to recycle. I'm cheap though so I'm usually searching for the under $10 finds. As far as measuring, you could cut a box to a specific length and wrap a yard or so, weigh it and go from there.

Have fun at the game tonight!

heather t said...

I found an 8-qt stainless steel stock pot at Meijer for under $10. Or does it have be enamel finish?