Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yarn pr0n and progress

Some yarn pr0n for you.


I ordered the two blue and yellow skeins and the girl took an extra week to ship them, so she tossed in the other skein and a free issue of Vogue Knitting. How cool is that! I'm thinking of making a shawl with this for my mother, any pattern suggestions? I was thinking of doing the Yarn Harlot's Snowdrop Shawl, but I just noticed today that is takes ~1300 yards and I only have ~850 in each skein (the two blue and yellow skeins are different).

Up next we have progress on the twisted tweed socks.


I hate progress pictures because they're immediately obsolete. From this point I've since picked up the gusset stitches and begun decreasing. But hey, the lighting is great. You can also see my newest sock knitting bag ;-)

And lastly, we have a progress picture of....the Fibonacci Ribs Sweater!!!


It's a Knit Picks pattern that is no longer available on their site. It was my first attempt at a sweater with good yarn. I'm not in love with the set in sleeves and I think it's too long, although my wife likes it that way. I think I started it almost two years ago now and I'm determined to finish it before winter! Right after I finish the twisted tweed socks... and a bag for my wife... and some more socks... and a water bottle cover... and so on...

P.S. - The yarn I got from the sweater? I'm going to - ever so uncreatively - make a pair of socks in the same stripe pattern. I figure I can get a pair of socks just out of the sleeve yarn, right?

P.P.S - ekgheiy, the Twisted Tweed pattern is available in both cuff-down and toe-up versions, the toe-up is at the bottom of the PDF.


Fabienne said...

hi, i really like your blog and just wanted to unlurk and say hello. also, if the two handpainted skeins aren't the same, you can alternate the skeins for each row, that is sort of the trick for larger projects with handpaints.

Matt....... said...

that is one awesome bag for toting around a pair of socks!

soxophone player said...

Now I know what to do with my drawerful of Crown Royal bags...... how clever!

Angela said...

The Lotus Blossom Shawl is 875 yards, could you adjust the pattern to fit your yardage? What's the weight of the yarn that you purchased? I'm not sure if you're in Ravelry yet but the pattern browser should help.

Dana said...

I'm currently working on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl by Sivia Harding and I highly recommend the pattern for those wanting to break into lace knitting. And 850 yards would be plenty for a shawl. Good luck!

ekgheiy said...

Oh ok, thanks!!! Nice work on the Fibonacci sweater; although, I agree with you on the long factor. That's probably because I'm short, so a sweater that long would likely just be a dress on me. *teehehe* As long as the Mrs. likes it, that's all that counts right? :)

How nice to get those extra goodies for the late shipment!! Which yarn are you thinking of using for your mom's shawl? The blue & yellow (1700yds)?? If so, have you considered the Tiger Swallowtail Shawl for your mom? That shawl came to mind when I looked up the Yarn Harlot one you mentioned.

Larjmarj said...

Ohhh ahhh! yarn prOn indeed! Love your sock knitting bag ;-).
As for a shawl pattern, were you thinking triangle or rectangle? I made a shawl using the "Kevat" pattern, you can get it off of knitting pattern central and you can make it as big or small as you like. I used one skein of Schafer "Anne" and it turned out a really nice size and I think thats about 500+ yards.