Thursday, September 6, 2007

Twisted Tweed

twisted_tweed_001, originally uploaded by Camping Jason.

I started these Monday night after a weekend of relaxation and fun with friends. The pattern is from Schrodinger and the yarn is Knit Picks Memories in Yukon.

I know I'm supposed to be knitting the Campfire Socks according to the response from my poll, but I'm an idiot. I somehow failed to notice that they are made with DK weight yarn, not fingering sock yarn. That wouldn't really be a problem except...I don't have and DK weight yarn. At least, any DK weight yarn that is worth using.

What I do have is some nasty Bernat acrylic that is actually a very similar colorway to the Yukon. But it's awful to work with. I started the Campfire Socks (and actually did knit them beside the fire!) this past weekend, but alas, I could not continue. The Yukon cried loudly and miserably all the while I struggled with the nasty, practically plastic acrylic. I thought I would forge on, convincing myself that the speediness that larger needles and thicker yarn provided would make up for the spine tingling squeek of the needles passing through the yarn and the unbreathable monstrosities that would be the result, but the yarn cried on.

"I'll get to you soon enough," I tried to tell it, "these will work up quickly on size 4 needles."

"But you promised!" it pouted.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for good yarn.


ekgheiy said...

Those are going to be stunning!! I like your color choice much better than the orange in the pattern pic and I think it highlights the pattern a lot more as well. Happy Knitting!!

Dana said...

Nice socks. We were looking forward to meeting you at Caribou last night, but you never showed. Or you showed, took one look and booked. I was hoping to compliment you personally on the argyle socks, something I've been too scared to try. Nice job!

Camping Jason said...

Dana -

I was planning on next week.

Matt....... said...

Those are cool socks, how do you like working with the memories? I've heard mixed opinions........

Dana said...

Ooooohhh, I'll alert the girls!!