Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog Anniversary and a Good Cause (with prizes!)

One year ago today I started this modest blog with the goal to "keep track of my knitting projects, but also to give my thoughts about the craft and what it's like to be a guy that knits. Hopefully I can bust some stereotypes along with making some people laugh." Well, I haven't busted any stereotypes or really explored what it's like to be a guy knitter, but I haven't done too badly on the other points. As evidence, check out all the items I've managed to finish in the past twelve months. There's actually more than this, but not all of it has been photographed.

FOs July '07 - July '08
1. Sorta River Rapids Socks, 2. Cat in the Hood Socks, 3. Twisted Tweed Socks, 4. Garter Rib Socks, 5. Striped Socks, 6. Mini Christmas Stockings, 7. Achernar Scarf, 8. Joel's Square, 9. Koolhaas, 10. Wife's Shedir, 11. Baby Shedir, 12. Fibonacci Ribs Sweater, 13. Aww Knucks, 14. iPod Sleeve, 15. February Sweater Redux, 16. The Golden Tunic

Now that I have your attention, I want to tell you about a special person and a great cause. Stacey at earthchickknits is raising money to support Women Touched by Grace. Over the years, Stacey and her family have persevered through some tough times. While she more recently had the wonderful support many have come to discover through the knitting/crafting community, the Women Touched by Grace was there through the long haul. Now a new program has started, only it isn't as fully funded as it once was. Which brings us to the point. Stacey is raffling off craft prizes to generate funds for the support group. Raffle entries are $5 apiece or 5 for $20, and dudes, these are some serious prizes. As an extra bonus, for every extra $500 donated, Stacey's going to add another prize pack! So what are you waiting for? Go donate!


Larjmarj said...

Congrats on your blogoversary!!

I like to think that you've busted through some stereotypes. After all I managed to get Mr. Larj to make ONE dishcloth. ;-)

Your work is always so...symmetrical and detailed. (must be a guy thing) LOL, looks like you may have created a stereotype too!

KJ said...

Crafty Dad sent me your way... I love to see guys into crafts. And you seem to be having a great time with it. Your projects are impressive! I watched your video, too.

I was interested about the Ravelympics. That must me a lot of fun! I was thinking how neat it would be if those 8,500 projects were donated to something noteworthy. What a delivery that would be!

I'm mostly into other crafts, but I occasionally do silk ribbon embroidery. And, I make knitted caps on the round looms. No one ever taught me to knit or crochet.

I've had a great visit. Nice meeting you!


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